Trained Infant Care Maids in Singapore

If you have a newborn or a toddler, you will most likely be looking for a caretaker who can help you with feeding, bathing, and managing your baby. At Faith Employment Agency, we provide quality healthcare domestic helpers who are especially trained to take care of children. Having gone through previous training in infant care, they are well versed in changing nappies, feeding babies, cooking meals for the new mum, as well as doing general household chores. They are also well-suited to look after children, owing to their natural liking for little ones. Aside from recommending maids who are trained in infant care, we also look out for maids who already have children of their own. Having a newborn brings about a big change in your life, and therefore an additional help can go a long way in lessening your burden. Feel free to enquire about our trained baby domestic helpers in Singapore; we shall be more than glad to help!

Elderly Care Maids in Singapore

If you have an elderly member at home who needs extra care, it is advisable to take on additional help so that you are left with more time on your hands to attend to other responsibilities. Your elderly family member might also face additional problems if he/she is afflicted with illnesses, or has limited mobility. Hence, someone who is able to communicate with and get along well with the elderly members is an ideal choice. At Faith Employment Agency, we provide elderly care training for our maids, and handpick those who have a special affiliation with the older folks, which includes speaking local languages such as Malay. It should also be noted that in accordance with the Foreign Domestic Worker Grant, a monthly grant of $120 is provided by the government to low-income families who need to hire a foreign domestic worker to care for the frail and elderly people in their households.