Singapore Christian Maid Agency

If you are interested in hiring a Christian maid, we at Faith Employment Agency can help you. We outsource some of the most reliable Filipino and Indonesian Christian domestic helpers, who are not just highly adaptable, but also equipped with the necessary skills to care for babies and the elderly. In addition to this, they communicate well in English, are efficient at motor skills, relate well to people and practice good hygiene. Regardless of what your religion is, you can employ the services of a Christian maid to carry out everyday tasks as well as other different kinds of household work. A disciplined and faithful domestic helper can make a world of difference to your home environment, and can turn out to be an excellent choice for those seeking a reliable, value-oriented helper who keeps great store by her faith.


Christian Indonesian Maids in Singapore

We provide a number of reliable Christian maids from Indonesia, and most of them are known to be hardworking, easy going and good with household chores. They draw a salary of $450 a month, and can easily settle into the role of a domestic helper once they are familiar with their surroundings and the nature of their work. If you are seeking to employ a dedicated domestic helper from a nearby country, look no further, for our services can help you select the ideal candidate for your particular requirements. Our flexible options also enable you to interview the maid beforehand, in order to determine if she can fit into your household, and is suitable for handling the daily workload.